Bike Trainer Buying Guide & Reviews

Bike trainers are an exercising equipment used for cycling indoors in an immobile state. It is used best in the vicinity of one’s home while watching television or listening to music. These cycle trainers are actively used by athletes to keep their muscles and hamstring loose before a sprint or jump. It helps in keeping their legs strain-free during a game. Below reviews can help you to find the best trainer to suit your needs.

Best Bike Trainers Reviews of 2017

Top 3 Bike Trainers Features Ratings
Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand
  1. 5 magnetic resistance levels
  2. Low peddling noise
  3. Simplistic design
  4. Steel durable frame
  5. Portable
  6. Increased resistance with more speed
  7. Metal body (21.4*19.4*15.5).
  8. Comfortable bike trainer handles

4.25 Stars

“Best Budget Bike Trainer”

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CycleOps Wind Trainer, Black
  1. Adjustable base pads with ideal support
  2. Easy to fit and smooth to carry
  3. Simple design with wind technology
  4. Compatible with both mountain & road bikes
  5. Resistance can be adjusted with gears
  6. Resistance power is very progressive & steady.
  7. Wind fan is very heavy & powerful
3.75 Stars

“Best Wind Bike Trainer”

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Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer Portable Exercise Bicycle Magnetic Stand
  1. Solid Construction
  2. Wide frame for balance & stability
  3. Easy to fold & set up
  4. 26’’ 27’’ & 700c bikes compatible
  5. Front wheel riser
  6. Low Noise
4.00 Stars

“Best Fluid Bike Trainer”

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 Types of Bike Trainers

There are two broad varieties of cycling trainers:

  1. Roller Bike Trainers:  Simplest form of home trainers, but can be tough to balance initially. With practice, it is just another drill technique.
  2. Mechanical Resistance trainers: It is a version of an indoor trainer that comes with vertical bike stand giving a better balance and control.

Advantages of Bike Trainers

These smart trainers come up with easy to use options that are fitted at your home with a simple mechanism. But, why use these for cycling? Good bike trainers come with the following benefits:

Benefits of Roller Bike Trainers

  1. Basic & simple design
  2. Affordable
  3. Offers real-life biking experience
  4. Effective to lose weight and exercise while biking

Benefits of Mechanical Bike Trainers

  1. Compact in design
  2. Comparatively Quiet Bike Trainer
  3. Easy to learn & balance
  4. Adjustable speed & resistance

Disadvantages of Bike Trainers

Although they are smart indoor trainers to learn cycling, they do come with their disadvantages, some of them are:

Disadvantages of Roller Bike Trainers

  1. Very tough to balance initially
  2. Resistance is based on gears, it can be hectic to adjust
  3. Strength can only be altered by shifting the gears
  4. Not compatible to equip with fat tires common in mountaineering bikes

Disadvantages of Mechanical Bike Trainers

  1. Very noisy when used
  2. Resistance of Wind Bike Trainer is not always preferred
  3. Complex design can make it fragile if not dealt carefully
  4. Overheating & expanding traits decreases the longevity
  5. Expensive as compared to Roller bike trainers

Reviews of Top 3 Bike Trainers

1. Magnet Steel Bike Bicycle Indoor Exercise Trainer Stand

An indoor bike trainer that works on the principle of progressive magnetic resistance comes with 5 distinct resistance levels.

  1. Dimensions: 21.4×19.4×15.5
  2. Can be mounted on both road & mountain bikes with the 26″, 27″ or 700c wheel
Pros Cons
  1. Magnets handy for changing gears & adjusting pedaling speeds
  2. Ergonomic form factor for comfortable folding, storage & transportation
  3. Constructed from premium grade of welded steel
  4. Large framework fabricated from industrial grade steel
  5. 5 distinct internal resistance settings
  6. Steel construction offering good balance
  7. Adjusted resistance levels from handlebar itself
  8. Easily fine-tune the wheel & tire size by the use of micro-adjust knob
  1. Doesn’t have QR skewers or riser
  2. Noisy


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2. CycleOps Wind Trainer, Black

A popular pick in the Wind Trainer category, it is very simple in design and ideal for cycling indoors. The wind is created by a heavy metal fan that generates the resistance formed by pedaling.

  • Speed up to 30mph
  • Resistance power of 600 plus watts
Pros Cons
  1. Resistance can be controlled by gears
  2. Road-like feel with well-maintained stability
  3. Adjustable base pads for ideal support
  4. Easy to set-up
  5. Compatible with mountain & road bikes
  6. Heavy & powerful wind fan
  7. Durable & very sturdy
  8. Detailed bike trainer DIY tutorial included
  1. Heavy to carry
  2. Creates noise
  3. Complex lower axle features


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3. Conquer Indoor Bike Trainer Portable Exercise Bicycle Magnetic Stand

Ride your bike indoors comfortably with this easy to assemble trainer by Conquer.

  • Compatible with wheel sizes of 26 inches and 27 inches
  • Dimensions: 22” (W) x 18.5” (D) x 15” (H)



Pros Cons
  1. Single knob for adjusting progressive resistance
  2. Hard wearing construction increases longevity
  3. Broad frame with wide legs for extra stability
  4. Included mounted cups to reduce slippage
  5. Vibration & slippage are minimized due to the rubberized riser block & robust mounting cups
  6. Includes front wheel riser block & Skeer
  7. Smooth & Silent personal bike trainer
  1. Complicated installation procedure


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